It's time to get back to the "real" you.

Replenish Me!


The Transformational Event Healing Women Everywhere

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releasing & transforming
When Is The Last Time You Felt
Are you great at staying on top of things until " life happens” and then you can never seem to find that rhythm again?
Can you eat healthily until that client sends you over the edge and then you have a glass of wine too many?
Are you always doing very well at everything and simultaneously doubting that you are good at anything?
Be very honest with yourself...
Does reading this make your stomach turn or knot up?
Your heart pound or your throat dry?
Or even ache in your bones?
Maybe you've stopped breathing altogether...just let it out...whether it's a 
breath...or a cry...
Guess what? You can make it all go away!
I know you already knew that though because you are the woman in the cape who makes it all possible...
Just not for you.
Are you ready to turn that around?
Do you want to feel delighted again?
Do you miss speaking and walk in your truth?...
or maybe you’ve never tried that before.
Explore life when your focus is all about bringing you back... to you!          
During this event we will dive deep into compassion for yourself.
You will enjoy:
- Dancing to release stress from your body
- Deep thought work to release stress from your mind
- Walking away with a new vision for your life
Your hostess, Cordelia Gaffar, The Emotions Opener, will help you to show up in excellence and grace by using your emotions as a power source!
Your co-hostess, Charlotte M. Watson, The Wound Healer, will help to strengthen your essence so both your mind & body can take flight!
Sound like something that you need?
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releasing & transforming
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releasing & transforming
The Emotions Opener
Cordelia Gaffar

Hi, I'm Cordelia Gaffar, the Emotions Opener Transformation Coach helping female change-makers and entrepreneurs to use your emotions as a power source so that you show up in the world free to be your true self. In 2019 I was nominated for Podcaster of the Year by SpeakerCon, ACHI magazine awards Woman of Inspiration, Orator of the Year and Volunteer of the Year for the DC Maryland Virginia area and Powerhouse Global Award for Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK. I've written a total of 5 books including two co-author projects including best-selling America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey, Malika Chopra, Rhonda Farrah and several other dynamic women. Now I share the sustainable system of self-nurturing with my clients called the Replenish Me Program. This is the road map to being free to focus on developing the true self: release, restructure, refresh and rebirth.

Soul Healing w/ Guest Karen Ann WebsterThe Free To Be Podcast Show
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The Wound Healer
Charlotte Watson

Hello, I'm Charlotte M. Watson, The Wound Healer,

I'm a seasoned educator, business owner, bible teacher, and mediator,  and speaker. I love blending my passion for growth and development with my determination to help women heal from hurts and lifelong wounds. I've spent my time bringing sisters together to be motivated, encouraged and inspired as they break free from a life of toxicities in order to discover their potential to live healthy and whole. I combine the word of God with an enthusiasm for true sisterhood to create a compelling self-reflective "tool-kit". My most recent book, "Breaking Free - Living Beyond The Lies Our Mothers Told Us", is rapidly gaining momentum and notoriety for waking women up. I look forward to a fun-loving yet passionate time sharing God's word and practical wisdom, to encourage and assist you in living life on and in purpose!

The Minority Report Guest Charlotte M. Watson.mp3Guest Charlotte M. Watson
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Breaking Free 
 The Instructional Guide
America's Leading
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